The Fishies

Hamburglar is a non-fancy goldfish.  He likes sucking on rocks and pooping. Chris insists he’s the fattest goldfish alive and that he’s more than doubled his size.



Has he really grown that much?

Has he really grown that much? (~6mths later)

Jacques is a cory.  He is old, and very slow and peaceful, unless his tail is being nibbled on by PUFA.  He spends his days cleaning rocks.


Sushi and Sashimi are very calm red zebras.
they move too fast to get a good picture

Kingsley is a medium-sized black moor that also loves sucking on rocks. J thinks he’s a vegetarian since the moss ball has disintegrated and he started pooping out green strings, non-stop. That would also explain why Hamburglar won’t stop harassing him and eating his poop.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Ziggy is a sucker fish (platy?). He’s done a very thorough job of cleaning the tank since he’s taken up residence here. He also likes to moonwalk moonswim/glide gracefully on the glass while he’s feeding.

photo 2

Elphie is a female betta. We didn’t realize she was striped when we bought her, but we still love her all the same. She’s very calm and stays out of Hamburglar‘s/Kingsley‘s way.


Sashimi, the  red zebra that used to be sushi‘s other half.

Graves is a black moor with a black dorsum and silver belly.  He is young and still learning to swim, so he’s pretty clumsy.  Graves left us on February 25, 2013.

PUFA is a very aggressive dwarf puffer.  He’s either very not-smart or a psychopathic genius, and definitely a serial killer. We still have mixed feelings about PUFA passing on… Is it cruel to rejoice over the starvation/death of a cannibalistic serial fish killer?

PUFA looking innocent

ABC, and D are neon tetras.  They like making different quadrilaterals.  We think they are practicing for something. These are and have always been J’s fave fishies. Too bad they couldn’t withstand the SoCal heat 😦

the neon crew

Boyfriend and Girlfriend, male and female guppies.  Boyfriend loves Girlfriend very much and will never stop pursuing her.  Girlfriend wants to be left alone. Boyfriend #1 passed on and was replaced shortly by Boyfriend #2 (with royal purple fins), whom Girlfriend fancied better. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get past the notion that he might be just a ‘rebound’ and committed suicide within a few months. Girlfriend then died of a broken heart.

the couple


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