Even more friends!

I think we have FAS – Fish Acquisition Syndrome!  At my urging, and news that the store had a new shipment, we paid them a visit and brought home two new friends:

  • Sushi, another red zebra, so Sashimi has a buddy.
  • Graves, a black moor with not-yet-bulgy eyes.  We went through several name ideas, from Venice to Katchzsper to Big Baby Booty (BBB) to Niggababy.  We finally decided on “Graves” in reference to Graves’ hyperthyroidism, which causes exophthalmos (proptosis).

Graves is still learning how to swim, so he’s very clumsy, but he likes to move.

Sashimi is smaller than Sushi, and the two haven’t quite gotten along yet.

And Boyfriend is still chasing Girlfriend.


New neighbors!

We bought some new fish today!

Current tank residents:

  • NEW!  Hamburglar, the non-fancy goldfish.  He likes to suck on rocks.  He also poops a lot.
  • NEW!  A, B, C, D (names pending), neon tetras.
  • NEW!  PUFA, a dwarf puffer.  Named after polyunsaturated fatty acids, and because he poofs (supposedly).  PUFA is not the brightest crayon.  He likes hiding in the bushes with his tail bent.
  • NEW!  Boyfriend and Girlfriend, male and female guppies.  Boyfriend chases Girlfriend all day.
  • Sucka, a Cory who likes to suck on things at the bottom.  J came up with the name when I asked her, and we’ll change it soon!
  • Sashimi, a red zebra.  She is very calm.