Another destiny…

Life’s been busy for us. Night classes tend to stimulate my voracious appetite via an unknown mechanism. I know I’m weird. Don’t ask.

SoCal FTW. Animal fries :)

SoCal FTW. Animal fries 🙂

who devours a 4x4?

who devours a 4×4?

In other fishy news, another one of our children decided to transition to a better life. Chris hypothesized that Boyfriend has died of a broken heart — prolonged separation from Girlfriend + the realization that the children weren’t his led to his demise. We noticed he appeared less active last week, few days later he got stuck between Girlfriend’s breeding net and the glass. He didn’t make it through the night 😦

Goodbye, beloved pretty boy.


Hamburglar has been doing what he does best.

poop platter, special order

poop platter, special order


improved technique

new technique: variable diameter

I find it surprising that PUFA is still alive, isolated and barely eating. I wonder if he can teleport…


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