Yesterday, we noticed that Girlfriend was looking especially chubby. Her gravid spot was especially dark and looked ready to pop.

PUFA was reassigned to an old plastic 1-gal fish tank with glass beads, as the peanut’s proven himself unworthy of parole.


PUFA floating along looking innocent

Unfortunately, the stress of moving Girlfriend into the breeding net may have traumatized her and resulted in a few baby guppy abortions 😦

dead guppy alert: bottom left and top right

dead guppy alert: bottom left and top right

No new guppy babies yet, but we’re excited for their arrival 🙂

Graves’ eyes have been more pronounced. It was very difficult to get a good picture of him; he was in the mood for some hide-and-seek behind his bush.


Graves being camera shy


Finally got a good portrait!

Did we mention that Hamburglar has very attractive orange lips? We both find that mesmerizing. Can’t keep our eyes off him as he keeps sucking rocks and continually poops all day.


*smacks lips*

All these pictures of fish tend to make me hungry…. so we spent a good chunk of yesterday making macarons. As they have to mature for 24 hrs or so, I have been exercising extreme patience for some guilty goodness.


dark chocolate ganache filling – the perfect indulgence.

The reward was worth the wait.


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