Repeat Offender

PUFA, our little *pea-nut* (“pea” because he’s a pea-sized puffer and “nut” because he’s, well, a loony), has been looking a little lonely since we assigned him to solitary confinement. Upon tactical positioning of newly procured green leafies (to beautify and oxygenate the tank, which would also serve as hiding places for PUFA), we decided it would only be right to give PUFA a second chance at communal living.


I have decided PUFA is smart. A genius, in fact. He was the most well behaved fish in the first half hour, slowly drifting through and exploring the new plants. On our second check-up, we noticed all the tetras had stubs for fins. Not just one tetra, but all 4. Not little snippets missing, but chunky chomps gone from their once complete appendages. My beautiful neon tetras. My centerpiece(s). Of course, PUFA was floating innocently amidst the handicapped tetras.


I was mad. PUFA was immediately re-placed in solitary confinement. No more pity for the little pea-nut.


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