New neighbors!

We bought some new fish today!

Current tank residents:

  • NEW!  Hamburglar, the non-fancy goldfish.  He likes to suck on rocks.  He also poops a lot.
  • NEW!  A, B, C, D (names pending), neon tetras.
  • NEW!  PUFA, a dwarf puffer.  Named after polyunsaturated fatty acids, and because he poofs (supposedly).  PUFA is not the brightest crayon.  He likes hiding in the bushes with his tail bent.
  • NEW!  Boyfriend and Girlfriend, male and female guppies.  Boyfriend chases Girlfriend all day.
  • Sucka, a Cory who likes to suck on things at the bottom.  J came up with the name when I asked her, and we’ll change it soon!
  • Sashimi, a red zebra.  She is very calm.

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